New Talent Show Vol. I

6x6 Centre for Photography presents a photography exhibition by three emerging photographers: Sarah Malian, Pavlos Vrionides and Silvio Rusmigo.  

Sarah Malian has worked and lived extensively in the Gaza Strip over the last decade, and her body of work aims to show a different side to the media stereotypes and news coverage of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Pavlos Vrionides is exhibiting photographs which fall under the photoreportage category, placing particular emphasis on the constantly developing urban scenery of Cyprus. Pavlos has been working as a press photographer for the past years in Cyprus.
Silvio Rusmigo is presenting a selection of color images captured while on expeditions exploring outdoor Cyprus. His work reveals aspects of the island’s small-scale beauty, which often require an attentive look to be truly noticed and appreciated.
6x6 Centre for Photography aims to encourage and promote the work of emerging photographers, mainly through photography exhibitions. New Talent Show Volume I will be followed by a series of similar upcoming exhibitions, exhibiting exclusively the works of young and emerging photographers.