Fine art printing - GICLÉE

6x6 Centre for Photography produces Giclée prints for Painters, Digital Artists and Photographers and offers digital photographic reproduction of original artwork.

What is a Giclée print?

Giclée is a process for printing fine-art digital prints using very fine droplets of ink to produce very accurate reproductions. The word (pron: 'jee-kleɪ') is taken from the French 'la giclée' meaning, 'that which is sprayed or squirted' or from ‘le gicleur’ which means nozzle in French. It is a high resolution Inkjet based printing process, using archival pigmented inks, on high quality archival paper such as Canvas, fine art and photo-base paper. It is often used by artists, museum or art galleries across the world.



  • Giclée uses more inks than conventional printing (up to 10 colours), thereby producing a far wider range and depth of colour than traditional CMYK printing.

  • Giclée prints result from mixing together a wide palette of colours, using Archive Quality Inks, to produce vibrant, accurate colour reproductions with a wide tonal range.
  • There is no visible dot screen pattern on the print.
  • The process results to an impressive colour reproduction. This combined with the texture of real canvas or watercolour paper, produces prints that look just like an original work of art, both in colour and texture!
  • Giclée prints can be produced on real artists’ fine art canvas and on acid free 100% cotton archival watercolour paper, offered with a certificate. A new standard of excellence in fine art and digital photographic printmaking!
  • The fine art canvas and prints can be coated with a museum quality archival print varnish to offer strong UV protection and resistance to image fading and additional protection for high humidity environments.
  • The long lasting, genuine ‘archive quality’ inks have been independently tested to resist any visible fading for over 100 years!
  • Artists and photographers may reproduce their work on-demand, thus avoiding the high cost of printing the entire order in advance.
  • You get to keep your original artwork and sell signed reproductions of it at lower prices, with a certificate of authenticity guarantee. Your prints will be certified archival for 100+ years depending on the storage conditions. (Wilhelm Imaging Research report)


  • Our 40 years of experience and expertise in photography and printing ensures high quality Giclée prints, guaranteeing a close matching to the original artwork or digital file.
  • At 6x6 we work closely with the artist, we produce a run of test prints as necessary, making colour, density and other changes as required before creating the final Giclée print. The final settings are saved so that an exact copy of the same print can be reproduced at a later stage.
  • To produce Giclées, 6x6 uses EPSON 7900, 9900 and the latest EPSON SureColor P9000 printer. EPSON is an officially listed manufacturer of printers for the Giclée process, and these specific printers are highly recommended for the Giclée printing.
  • The Giclée prints are produced at 6x6 using UltraChrome® HDR, Epson’s latest generation of pigment ink technology, utilizing ten colors (including an all-new Orange and Green), delivering unparalleled results that cannot be achieved with conventional printers, succeeding thus in achieving maximum colour gamut and Dmax.
  • We print up to 111,8cm wide by 12 meters maximum length.
  • We pay particular attention to expert maintenance and re-calibration to ensure consistent quality. We use only original inks, high quality papers that come with certificates and the respective factory colour management ICC and ICM profiles. 
  • We print on the highest quality fine art canvas and fine art papers, as those used by Museums and Art Galleries across the world.
  • You can choose from a variety of mediums, such as:
  • 300gsm acid-free, water-resistant fine art paper made from 100% cotton fiber (textured or smooth surfaced).
  • 450gsm canvas (bright white, consistent poly-cotton blend matte canvas using an acid-free, OBA free, neutral pH coating).
  • 325gsm rag, 100% cotton, acid-free luxurious photography paper with a fine surface texture and a Baryta gloss finish. 
  • 6x6 also offers digital photographic reproduction of original artwork: The photography is carried out on Hasselblad cameras and lenses on our high resolution Phase One digital back, ensuring top quality and accuracy in colour reproduction, texture and detail.


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