"From the Balkans to India" Exhibition by Galia Nazaryants

Opening: Friday 19th June 2015 at 7.30 pm

Exhibition Duration: 19/06/15 – 30/06/15

The exhibition will be inaugurated by Nicos Synnos, filmmaker, academic, Cyprus University of Technology. 

Galia Nazaryants:

“My best photos are something you won’t see every day, something that providence put on my way and I was just a lucky soul to capture that moment for the rest of humanity.” – that’s how Galia Nazaryants describes her photographic experience. Galia discovered a fascinating world of photography in 2003 when she got back to school to study Interior Design (her first profession is translator) and a two-year photography course was a part of a comprehensive and rewarding curriculum. Since then, camera became her main and favorite creative media, a way to explore the world. Apart from photography, Galia’s interests include cinema, design, architecture and travelling. Travelling is particularly important and inspiring as it brings a spark into her life. 

Galia’s photos are coming mainly from her extensive trips and fill a niche between reportage and art photography. 2014 was extremely productive for her. Galia participated in several photography workshops, visited 10 countries; her photographs from Istanbul brought her 1st prize at Vienna International Photo Awards – a documentary photography competition; for her work in the Balkans she was invited to join Bucharest Urban League of photographers for the Balkans (BULB)

The present exhibition is a part of Galia’s ongoing project with the working title “The way we are”. The idea is to create a collection/book of single images showing what people of various backgrounds and cultures share in common. We are amazingly different individuals but at the core we are striving for the same things in life: peace, love, beauty. Galia’s photos are a quest for beauty, everywhere: in forms, in colors, in places, in faces and ultimately in peoples’ hearts. She totally relates to F. Dostoevsky’s saying that "Beauty Will Save the World". She was born in Moscow and for the last 15 years lives in Cyprus.