The photography studio at 6x6 Centre for Photography is equipped with professional lighting equipment, accessories and a 27-inch iMac. The 6-week course, and most practical workshops offered take place here.

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Please contact us for details, conditions, dates and rates.

Studio Dimensions:
Studio Main Shooting Area: 8.75x5.55 metres (28x18 ft.)
Shooting Length: 8.73 metres (29 ft.)
Ceiling Height: 4.15 metres (13 ft.)
Total Studio Area (including facilities): 90 sq. metres (968 sq.ft.)
Fully Air Conditioned Studio Area (Heating/Cooling)
Natural Daylight with Blackout System
Sitting Area with coffee table
Small kitchen with fridge and microwave
Coffee facilities
Free WiFi

Included in Hire:
2x Hensel Flash Heads 800 w/s
1x Hensel Flash Head 1200 w/s
1x Hensel Flash Head 2000 w/s
Softboxes 50x50, 100x100, 65x130 cm
Umbrellas (silver, white)
Reflectors (wide, medium, narrow)
Light Stands (selection)
Wireless Digital Radio Flash Triggering System
Other facilities:
Full Ceiling Mounted Flash System Using Pantographs
(No cables on the floor)
Stand System for Roll Paper Backgrounds
(height from floor 2.50 metres/8 ft.)
Roll Paper Backgrounds 2.75 metres wide (9 ft.)
Fixed solid white background on wall 3.67 metres wide (12 ft.) by 2.95 metres high (9.7 ft.)

Studio Rental:
The studio is available for booking by freelance professional photographers, as well as emerging photographers and students.
It can be hired by the hour (minimum two hours) or by the day.

Studio Normal Operating Hours: 9.00 am - 6.00 pm

Special discounts apply to students and “6x6” members.

Please Note:
The use of the studio and all the equipment are on the Renter’s own risk.
Insurance on models, assistants, etc are on the Renter.
The 6x6 Centre for Photography and its staff will not be held responsible at any time regarding an accident that may occur, or any disputes that may arise between the Renter and their customers, clients or friends, regarding copyright or other issues. 
The total responsibility is on the Studio Renter.