The founder, Vassos Stylianou, studied commercial and advertising photography at the Blackpool College of Art and Technology - Diploma in Vocational Photography. He has been working in the photographic industry since the seventies. He established the first photographic company in Cyprus, specializing exclusively in the field of commercial and advertising photography. 

Following the rapid technological changes in the field of photography, Vassos Stylianou participated in a PRO (Public Records Office) conference in London, under the SEPIA organization (Safeguarding European Images for Access), where the main theme was Digitization and Access. A year later, Vassos Stylianou attended a Digitization summer school at the University of Glasgow, in Scotland, under HATII (Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute). 

Vassos has presented many workshops at photo seminars and conventions in Cyprus and abroad. He has been on the judging panel of a number of national and international photographic competitions through the years. He has held three solo exhibitions in Cyprus.

Vassos Stylianou is an Associate Member of BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography) and an Associate Member of the MPA (UK Master Photographers Association). 

In 2012, Vassos was presented the “Long Service Award” from the British Institute of Professional Photography, in recognition of 35 years in membership throughout which he has consistently upheld the aims and standards of the Institute. 

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