Art and the business of art: do it anyway! Lecture by Nefeli Soteriou

Photo credit: Chris Curry

Photo credit: Chris Curry

Art and the business of art: do it anyway!
Lecture by Nefeli Soteriou
Location: 6x6 Centre for Photography 19 Ipeirou Str. Limassol
Date: 8th September 2018
Time: 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, with Q and A
📞 +35725354810 or email

Do you wish sometimes it were easier to make your art? Is your partner, or family members unsupportive of your creative endeavors? Can you not make time to make your art? Is the business of art overwhelming? Are you devastated by submission rejections?

All these are contemporary symptoms of avoidance to express your creativity. In this presentation, you will learn to rise above hindrances and to do it anyway!

What you will learn:
· How to regain control of your creative life
· Ways to embrace your unique artistic identity at home and at work
· Powerful processes to help yourself in times of rejection
· Learn how to create in the middle of things
· Business tips that serve you as an entrepreneur

Mini Bio of the Lecturer:
Committed to the arts at a very young age, Nefeli played the mandolin in a children’s choir in Limassol where she grew up and earned degrees in photography and film and media arts. Now a licensed life coach in New York State and certified creativity coach, she helps her clients to lifestyle transformation, to enhance their creativity and wellness and presents her own engaging and transformative workshops in New York City. Nefeli produces narrative films that celebrate the human condition and has worked in the film industry, as a freelance designer, videographer, and a photographer, and over the last 17 years teaches and designs curriculum in filmmaking production, photography and other visual art for all ages (5-77 years old). Nefeli has won professional commercial awards for her video and photography work and has extensive experience as an adjunct professor in Filmmaking Production at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, SUNY at Buffalo, NY and taught the course of Interpersonal Communication at CUNY in NYC. She has worked as a consultant with healing and wellness groups over the last 4 years and has developed programs and courses of study for those seeking to dive deeper into personal transformation, enhance their creativity, as well as for arts professionals desiring training and supervision.