«Reflections» Art exhibition by Froydis Lynaas & «Memories» Photo exhibition by Beren Gazmararian

Norwegian artist Froydis Lynaas and British photographer Beren Gazmararian co-present the exhibitions ‘Reflections’ and ‘Memories’ respectively, at 6x6 Centre for Photography in Limassol. The exhibitions will open on Friday, October 10th, at 7p.m. and will remain open until October 17th, 2014.
A long lasting friendship and a strong relationship with Cyprus is what connects the two women, who have both chosen the island as the place where they live and create.  
About the artists:
Froydis Lynaas
Frøydis Lynaas is a Norwegian artist, educated in Norway. She left Norway in 1998, and has been living in Cyprus for the past twelve years. Her paintings reflect different aspects of modern life, dreams and way of thinking. The human being itself is, for her, a source of inspiration. “We are bombarded with information and news every day. The world seems to be falling apart, and there is an atmosphere of stress and anxiety. People are occupied with too many things like social media, smartphones, money and work, and try to sort out their relationships and stressful lives without focusing on the things that really matter such as living in love and harmony which makes life meaningful. The essence is to be true to ourselves, family and friends, and it is vital to listen to our inner voice”.

Beren Gazmararian
Beren Gazmararian is a London based photographer who maintains a strong connection with Cyprus as she spends much of her time on the Island and specifically in Vouni village. She specialises in portrait photography as she finds people an endless source of fascination. Beren is also a passionate traveller and on her travels she captures the world with her camera. This exhibition is a small collection of her travels and memories. 
“A successful image taken by another photographer is the only thing in the world that makes me jealous!”